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Schluessel is an R5RS Scheme implementation based on Java. Schluessel can manipulate Java libraries by using reflection. Scheme applications written by Schluessel can also embed in Java applications.

Schluessel runs on JRE 6.0 or above.

Schluessel is distributed under Apache License 2.0.

Release Notes
Milia Ver. 0.0.2
Supports optional arguments using keywords.
Supports a pure JavaScript interpreter.
Supports creating JavaScript objects.
Milia Ver. 0.0.0
The initial release of Schluessel Milia, an AltJS language which translate Lisp to JavaScript. Features are shown as follows.
  1. this can use with jQuery, etc.
  2. R5RS-like Hygienic macros
  3. Ajax procedures with S-expressions

Atto Ver. 0.0.1
Fixed a bug about reader using CRLF as newline code.

Atto Ver. 0.0.0
The initial release of Schluessel Atto.

Ver. 0.4.4
Supports procedures for formal languages.

Ver. 0.4.3
Supports R6RS base libraries, bytevectors, hash tables and enum-set.
Supports R6RS fixnums and flonums.
Supports Latin numerals and utilities.
Supports tic-tac-toe.

Ver. 0.4.2
Supports Swing lists, progress bars, trees, timers.
Supports solving polynomial equations by Bairstow method.
Supports changing a cursor shape.
Supports command line options.

Ver. 0.4.1
Supports turtle graphics.
Supports 2D linear/affine transform.
Supports English, French, German, Roman, Ionian numerals.
Supports exact polar complex numbers.
Supports the remainder of real numbers.

Ver. 0.4.0
Supports networking procedures.
Supports JNDI.
Supports reading zip files and reading/writing gzip files.
Supports tray icons.
Supports R6RS I/O procedures.
Supports statistical procedures.
Supports exact pi and Nepier's constant.
Supports an iterator framework.
Supports processes.

Ver. 0.3.2
Java library reflection supported, whose syntax is like Clojure.
Supports linear algebra library(elementary arithmetics of matrices, LU decomposition, solving linear equations).
Supports exact complex numbers.
Supports quaternions and octionions.
Supports 1-variable polynomials.
Supports ranges of real number.
Supports Decimal32 and Decimal64.
Supports SRFI-14

Ver. 0.3.1
sound libraries
Building parsers with formal language; LALR(1) language class supported
Building lexical analyser (tokenizer) with regular expression
Schluessel plugin
sqrt/expt returns exactly as possible
supports SRFI-60,67,94

Ver. 0.3.0
GUI applications with Swing
regular expressions
file manipulation
supports SRFI-0,2,4,10,13,16,25,38,39,41,44,47,58,63,66,69,98

Ver. 0.2.0
Web applications by Servlet
supports RDB access by JDBC
supports Applet
supports SRFI-8,9,18,19,34
supports rationalize procedure

Ver. 0.1.2
computing Bessel Functions and Gamma Functions in complex domain
supports graphics language

Ver. 0.1.0
supports syntax-case (partially)

Ver. 0.0.3
supports tiny ObjectSystem

Ver. 0.0.2
supports dynamic-wind
user defined #-syntax

Ver. 0.0.1
supports SRFI-1

Ver. 0.0.0
first (unstable) release

Yuichiro Moriguchi