Schluessel User Reference

version 0.4.2

Yuichiro Moriguchi

Copyright © 2009-2012 Yuichiro Moriguchi

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This is the Schluessel reference manual version 0.4.2.

1 What is Schluessel

Schluessel is an R5RS Scheme implementation based on Java. Schluessel can manipulate Java libraries by using reflection. Scheme applications written by Schluessel can also embed in Java applications.

Schluessel runs on JRE 6.0 or above.

Features of Schluessel are shown as follows.


Schluessel can treat mathematical objects shown as follows. You can use Schluessel as a "programmable function calculator" or a "tiny computer algebra system".

use of Java libraries

Schluessel can use Java libraries. A Java instance can be bound as a Scheme variable. Methods of the Java instances can also be invoked from Schluessel. Types of Scheme are converted to types of Java as possible and vice versa.

Multibyte support

Schluessel can treat multibyte characters.

Graphics support

Schluessel supports graphics as language standard. Painting language like "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" is supported.

GUI applications

Schluessel can write GUI applications with Swing. You can write Java GUI applications easier than Java language.


Schluessel can communicate by HTTP, FTP, SMTP, LDAP and SNMP agents. Sockets is also avaliable.

Turtle graphics

Schluessel supports a turtle graphics like LOGO.

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